Collingwood is a soft, gray paint color that falls in the greige category of grays. As a reminder, many gray paint colors have undertones that are very subtle unless they are directly compared to other grays, as illustrated in the graphic below. Benjamin Moore Winds Breath OC-24. This next photo shows Collingwoods violet undertone in a more natural state, The LRV of Collingwood is 62 (61.52) MY MAGIC NUMBER! When a client came to me for help choosing a color for a college apartment bedroom, I quickly settled on Collingwood. Navy Blue . Im thinking of repainting my house Classic Grey, and my kitchen cabinets Collingwood. It does not store any personal data. Benjamin Moore Pale Oak (color review) is a close Collingwood alternative. The blue and gray undertones of this shade of gray give the walls a cool, sophisticated feel, making it a great choice for contemporary interiors. The room is south-facing and Im looking for a light, soft, feminine, but mature feel. So I am trying to pick a color for a north>>northeast facing livingroom with low-medium natural light, in sunny Athens (Greece) though. We plan to do the family room/kitchen (all open). While Collingwood leans more towards gray, Edgecomb Gray hints a bit more towards beige. In context of its Hue Family neighborhood, 5 Y (Yellow), on The Color Strategist Color Wheel. I have a swatch on the wall and so far like it a lot. The colors play off each other in a way that accentuates the purple of the gray paint color. However, Collingwood is a bit darker (LRV of 62), whereas Balboa Mist is a bit lighter (LRV of 65.5). Hard to follow when it says if you have a East facing room or a north facing the color will pick up this undertone.. Samplize sells 914.75 stick-on paint rectangles. cool colour with either blue, green or violet undertones. I love your color reviews. Collingwood is really lovely paired with a deep blue color. Agreeable Gray has green undertones though, while Collingwood has purple. Hi Susan, could be a nice choice! Hi! I have gone with the greige colors. Love the color.I was going to use revere peweter but I saw it in a home with lots of light and in a bedroom with not so much. It was a neutral back then with the blues not so much now. For a start, it is close to the category of true grays while showing a tiny trace of beige. Collingwood works as a foundational color for a whole house color scheme as well. Short of that, if you can get the Escarpment chip from BM, Home Depot will be able to match it for you! Once you add a bit of brown-beige to the mix, it becomes a warm gray (its actually way more technical than that, but Im a meat n potatoes gal here). Like | 3; Save; Related Discussions. I wonder if you have a certain exposure thats making it feel a bit off as well maybe south facing? Hi Linna! Thanks a bunch! It can be used with modern interiors, or to update darker Tuscan paint colors and decor. Then, peel the sheet right off your wall and reapply it somewhere else if you like! Do you want to learn more about colour, either for your own home or your clients homes? Sorry to bother you, do you think collingwood will get washed out for an exterior paint? Check out this color used in real homes, from kitchen cabinets, tables and . Collingwood is a warm-toned paint color. Can I use the same colour for the ceiling? Collingwood is a beautiful warm gray paint color with purple and beige undertones. I was also thinking of sampling edgecomb and maybe having it lightened as you did on your walls. I have 2 runs of hallways that will only be lit with wall sconces and solatubes. Ps. The warm grays are definitely going to last longer than the cooler ones, so Im not AS concerned with this, as long as it really suits the interior finishes. Benjamin Moore Collingwood (Shade #OC-28), one of Benjamin Moore's best-selling paint colors, might just be the balanced greige you've been searching for. I try to answer all comments within 2 weeks, but for a much faster response, join Love Remodeleds Facebook page here! Ooooh, when it comes to personal questions I do prefer to go through my E-design, otherwise Im just guessing on your room and the type of gray in the counters/amount of light coming in/etc I do try to give as much info on my blog and if that doesnt work, it might be time for a closer look! Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray is a gorgeous light greige with soft green undertones. As I mentioned earlier, Collingwood is a part of two different color collections. Your e-design before and after of the funky kitchen is remarkable! White Heron. If it is the whitest white in the room, it will look perfectly white. If you get to the Chicago area I have a couple of South African wines Id like to introduce you to. ~Kylie. There are no windows in the room. Because it isnt super dark, you can even use it in basements. Stonington gray (dark blue) and Repose gray (warm taupe/green gray) are two other popular choices for gray paint colors. Well, thank you Barbi! Benjamin Moore Collingwood Gray. Balboa Mist is a lighter paint color than Collingwood, but similar in many ways. Its affordable and fun Benjamin Moore Collingwood warm gray with purple undertones. BM Collingwood Also known as OC-28, Collingwood is a gorgeous, sophisticated white Benjamin Moore calls "A widely appealing shade of gray with lightly cool undertones." It's one of those atmospheric neutral whites that can appear slightly warm despite the cool undertones. On their own though, each can show up as a warm gray. There is no trim on ceiling. Advertisement cookies are used to provide visitors with relevant ads and marketing campaigns. In general, these are all soft, feminine warm gray/greiges. With an LRV of 62, this paint reflects a lot of light. thanks so much! Willow Creek could be a nice accent wall color for a Collingwood-painted room, or it could simply be a darker color in a Collingwood-based whole home color palette. Hi Kylie, very informative and helpful site. Ive found it can flex a bit more into its gray, subtle purple MORE in a north facing room, so youll want to see how it settles for you. Thanks for helping with such a big decision as is choosing a color for the home. Well, I mean, it will definitely look BRIGHT where the sun directly hits. What would be a good wall color. It is great shade that feels warm and inviting without being too beige. Collingwood is a gray paint color that has purple undertones. Benjamin Moore describes Iron Mountain as a soft black that isn't too warm or cool. Like Collingwood, Agreeable Gray leans more gray than beige. But the two colors have very different undertones. Lastly, Benjamin Moore Collingwood is a greige paint color that plays a great chameleon. My dining room furniture is painted BM smokey taupe and tops are stained a very dark brown. Hi Anita, thank you for writing! Hi Steve, in order to really GET Collingwood, I recommend you have SW do a colour match for you. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. It's soft without being stark and a bit of a warmer white, and great option that doesn't lean yellow. You can use it in main living areas and then paint separate rooms or accent walls in coordinating shades. If so, can you provide the link? OC-28 is right in the middle . Benjamin Moore Collingwood Compared to Other Colors, Benjamin Moore Collingwood vs Revere Pewter, Benjamin Moore Collingwood vs Edgecomb Gray, Benjamin Moore Collingwood vs Balboa Mist. I would like to do an accent wall in the master bedroom in witg blue tones. I had also looked at SW Passive and BM Stoningham but fear they will go blue on me. Agreeable Gray is one of those paint colors that has been tested in tried in millions of homes, and works. I think Ive settled on painting my office BM Simply White with Collingwood as an accent wall. where is bob hoover buried; lloyd williams obituary; raelondo wright rae carruth son; que significa una casa sucia; altland house haunted; avengers fanfiction peter intern meets team cap When you compare Revere Pewter to Collingwood, you see that Revere Pewter has more of a green undertone. These cookies help provide information on metrics the number of visitors, bounce rate, traffic source, etc. My kitchen is balboa mist, which I love. I find your blog to be very informative and helpful! Our new kitchen faces east and we have decided to do our perimeter cabinets in Collingwood and the island in BM Hunter Green. Alabaster by Benjamin Moore. lighter version of benjamin moore pashminamary calderon quintanilla 27 februari, 2023 / i list of funerals at luton crematorium / av / i list of funerals at luton crematorium / av The cookie is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category "Analytics". There are so many applications for Collingwood gray paint. If you like a softer color scheme, try pairing Collingwood with Cloud White or White Dove. This could be a pretty combo. While I dont like to pair Collingwood with green-gray paint colors, I absolutely love to use it with mid- to darker-tone green colors. This reflective paint makes rooms feel fresher and bigger because it reflects more natural light. As for undertones, while both Balboa and Collingwood share a violet undertone, Balboa is more likely to lean a touch violet-pink. |Planning on getting white counter and backsplash. One of the best Sherwin-Williams equivalents for Collingwood is SW Repose Gray. Do you think collingwood would be worth a try? Big deal, no, as long as youre okay with that (and its rare that it shows up to the party). Thank you so much form Kelowna!! However it just didnt quite hit the mark so I chose Collingwood and love, love, love it. The sp, In our latest blog post, we talk all about Farrow, Imagine waking up every day to this stunning jewel, Visit our website to see our blog on 14 Calming Be. Which would you choose for a hallway and entranceway when you have Balboa Mist in the living roomCollingwood or Edgecomb Grey? No matter what, don't forget to test your paint colors. Walls - Eggshell finish. Im a color consultant in Northern California and find my taste and esthetic very similar to yours. The cookie is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category "Other. Hi! Thank you for visiting! Benjamin Moore Natural Cream is an upcoming paint color hitting the internet! If I ever HAD to choose an exposure to honour, I PERSONALLY would lean to the south over the north, but thats because I generally prefer slightly warmer colours someone who prefers cooler colours would lean to the northern/cool end! Im curious to know how you would describe this color and where it looks best; maybe I can spot why it looks so terrible in my home. I plan to use a contractor to paint the basement in a equivalent SW color (he gets a discount on SW paints). If you are updating your exterior and love the farmhouses with a modern twist, take a look at these colors and dive in! Benjamin Moore CollingwoodOC 28. It can work just as well in a cozy bedroom as it does in an open-concept living room or kitchen. In my clients apartment bedroom, Collingwood pairs really well with the almost reddish wood floors to completely transform this space. As mentioned before, it does not have any blue or green undertones. ~Kylie. And in this department, the winner-winner chicken dinner HAS to be Benjamin Moore Collingwood. But Id rather see Collingwood paired with a crisp white trim paint to really make the gorgeous gray color pop. Do you have a color review on pale oak? Decorators White might look like a pretty white-white but its just a flash on the cool side with a touch of gray. Would you still lean towards collingwood as a whole house color with the onset of the warmer trends? Kylie, you are a great instructor. Comments (12) Hi Phyllis, thank you! ~Kylie. Sure, its a sloooow shift, but in my Colour Consultingadventures, Im getting more and more requests for the warmer end of things. It is a tiny bit darker than Collingwood, though not super noticeably. Cyndy Aldred Designs LLC, Holiday Entertaining Shortcuts and Creative Tips . If you are looking for a paint color that can work all over the home, or for a paint shade that works in large, open spaces, keep reading for all the details of Benjamin Moores Collingwood. Collingwood looks perfect in there and makes the kitchen sing! You know, its been a few years, but Im sure its either Silver Spring or Blue Springs Im sure Spring was in the name! Here, youll find hundreds of articles on how to create the home of your dreams. Collingwood is warm with being too warm, providing just enough subtle warmth to make a room feel comfortable. Thank you! Shea McGee Design. Both colours are in the LIGHT range. It's tan. Laundry Room. But its especially beautiful when paired with some specific colors and design elements. Addtionally, Agreeable Gray tends to go with more coordinating colors, which makes it a bit more versatile. If youd like me to take a look at your room I do have an affordable and fun E-design service! Benjamin Moore Indian River 985. Ill check out white dove and maybe SW origami white as well! Im hesitant to say anything for sure without photos but I DO love Collingwood! We have White Dove trim. My husband picked Revere Pewter and I picked Collingwood. Collingwood pairs well with natural wood floors and organic, green plants. For example, a gray with purple undertones doesnt go great in a home with honey oak floors. These cookies ensure basic functionalities and security features of the website, anonymously. To get this actual look, you may need a colour with MORE undertone or even a colour thats more of a violet hue. Ill keep up the research as well. If you like a white trim but want something that isnt white so bright, Simply White is a good option. Toggle navigation. Buta krds, persze, hogy van. That being said, there are some fabulous patterns out there or complementary colours like teal that could look quite lovely! I might try your online consult in the future, but for now Id like to gather some resources. So if the room faces east with a window, but has windows on the north and side do I still go by a east facing room.? 1 bedroom has a north facing window & the other 2 are south. Collingwood paint is perfect for warming up a north-facing room. The closest you could probably get is SW Agreeable Gray, lightened by 25%. Thanks. Performance cookies are used to understand and analyze the key performance indexes of the website which helps in delivering a better user experience for the visitors. Click here for more information about Edgecomb Gray. Both colors of the title seem to be identical with only lrv being different, 62 for CollingWood and 60 for Agreeable Gray. It isnt super warm though. I like the look of BM White Dove, which is a warm white with a neutral undertone. It looks like a funky designer kitchen now! We have 8 foot ceilings across, and a decent amount of windows, so Id like to brighten the space up a bit, without if feeling white everywhere. I want to have a soft , warm kind of creamy color. The paint looks the most lavender on the south facing walls youre good! Collingwood is a WARM gray paint colour with a gorgeous softness that suits a wide range of interior and exterior finishes. This post may contain affiliate links. Im loving that warm gray! Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Thank you! I am trying to get a nice gray paint with a warm feeling and want to avoid the cooler blue tones of other grays without going too brown. Learn all about Benjamin Moore Pebble Beach (1597) in this paint color review. This is a learn-to-decorate blog, not a look-what-Kylie-can-do blog. Check out the SAMPLIZE . Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist OC 27.

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