What a steering wheel lock can do is deter theft by making your car more difficult to steal, increasing the time it takes to break into your vehicle. Made of Cro-moly steel, the model is known for its amazing build quality. Liquid Nitrogen does not destroy the Ozone Layer and is more effective and quicker than Freon. As one of the most commonly selected anti-theft device on the market, the Club lock is known in security circles by its more accurate name a steering wheel lock. To free your wheel, unlock the rod and store it away until the next time you wish to use it. a little differently than most other locks. A parking garage equipped with security cameras is another good place to park your car if you dont want anyone to break into it. If you want to secure your car as well as possible, consider installing a kill switch. The Original Club locks to the steering wheel, preventing thieves from steering and thus deterring vehicle theft. Will a steering wheel lock keep my car from being towed?A. Get a kill switch for your engine. Even if they can start it, they will be stuck going in one direction. Speed Strap 1 X 10 Cam Lock Tie Down W/ Snap 'S' Hooks And Soft Tie 2 Pack. Chromoly steel construction can resist sawing, hammering, freon, and prying attacks. Kia and Hyundai vehicles with keyed ignitions lack an . Winner International The Club LX Steering Wheel Lock - 1103. A steering wheel lock can act as a deterrent, and installing a kill switch or two will also make your car harder to steal. Show More. But, an old-fashioned theft deterrent popular before the advent of immobilizers might just be the trick to slowing a thief down or preventing theft altogether. The iconic and recognizable Club steering wheel lock. COPYRIGHT 2020 WINNER INTERNATIONAL INC. Americas Most Recommended Anti-Theft Wheel Lock. Because both freon and liquid nitrogen are possibly hazardous if they come into interaction with your face or body. Made in yellow for high visibility, The Club Twin Hooks locks on to the steering wheel, making the vehicle impossible to steer. Its also a visible deterrent, and the mere sight of it can discourage thieves from even attempting to steal your car.However, keep in mind that no anti-theft device is entirely foolproof. Features Include: Universal fit - works on cars, vans and SUV's Keyless Locking, for ease of use "Twin Hook" Design is tougher to defeat Provide Winner International with a copy of the insurance declaration sheet covering the stolen vehicle. Those that like the Vechkom say its appearance makes for a good deterrent. For those worried about their chances of losing a car right off of the street or driveway, a steering wheel lock like The Club is a cheap and useful option for protecting your vehicle. Most aftermarket steering wheel locks have a similar basic design. Master Lock 4 Hook Steering Wheel Lock 252DAT, The Club Style Security Bar. If all keys are lost we recommend contacting a locksmith for removal to avoid injury to yourself or damage to your vehicle. You can protect your steering wheel from theft by locking your car and parking it in a safe location such as a parking garage. Chromoly steel is used in some steering wheel locks. Part #: 1103 Line: WNR. Club steering wheel lock is important to protect your car from happens something unwanted. By using these steps, people are literally stealing Hyundai Elantra and Kia Seltos models with USB cables. Provide Winner International with proof of the insurance settlement and with the amount of the automobile insurance deductible. If you do it properly then your club steering wheel will break and release your lock. With others, you might have trouble fitting them to trucks, SUVs, and other recreational vehicles. Can A Car Be Registered And Insured In Different States? A twin hook steering wheel lock that is easy to secure. If you have any extra keys, test them to see if they work. The best of these require no key to arm them. Read about our experience as well as tips for further protecting your vehicle against theft. $45.99. A few report difficulty installing the Vechkom and several have noted (like us) that the alarm isnt particularly loud. HOME. To remove the steering wheel lock with Freon you have to follow the following 3 steps. Steering wheel locks are effective at deterring thieves who dont have a power drill. It will break the metal and unlock the steering wheel. Free shipping for many products! makes it a simple matter to firmly attach this steering wheel lock. Some classic steering wheel locks also attach to the clutch or brake pedal, making them even more secure. Answer (1 of 4): The Club has two hooks, that the user ideally will place through the steering wheel to minimize its movement vis-a-vis the steering wheel AND so that the steering wheel and club are prevented by the roof, door or floor from turning. How do you protect your steering wheel from theft? have reported a rise in thefts of vehicles that use this technology. Here are some options: An aftermarket steering lock isnt foolproof, but its mere presence could be enough to stop someone from stealing and trashing your reasonably-priced Korean economy car. The Club steering wheel lock connects to the steering wheel to successfully lock it in place. A rugged solution for those who would rather not carry around yet another key. Autos.com - How does my product work? WhileThe CLUB is designed as a deterrent to vehicle theft, it does not guarantee that a vehicle will be absolutely theft-proof. The Club 3000 Twin Hooks Steering Wheel Lock Yellow. Your personal items, including money, keys, guns, phones, cameras, and jewelry can be protected with our personal security products, including The Club Personal Vault. Each year, we test over 350 auto products on vehicles and in our testing lab. Enclosed Lock . See details. Oftentimes the mere presence of a lock on your steering wheel will cause a thief to pass your car by and search for an easier target. The bright yellow appearance acts as a visual deterrent. The Club can bring you some peace of mind but hardly slows a thief with power tools. Does the Club Car Lock Only Work in Parallel Parked Cars? The Club Tire Claw Motorcycles and Scooter Anti-Theft Device, Red. It can resist hammer, saw, drill, and other tools. Unfortunately, its fairly easy thanks to the design of the ignition, and its increasingly become a problem in recent months. Winner International does not have online registration available. What seems most appreciated about The Club is that it is easy to use and is highly visible. Our commercial security products protect your equipment and tools from theft. in 40 seconds. INSURANCE DEDUCTIBLE GUARANTEE AGAINST THEFT The Club 1000 original steering wheel lock is easy to use and flexible. Winner International shall not be responsible for damage to your vehicle that may occur during the removal process by any means. Experts say thieves are hijacking the signals from key fobs used to unlock the car. New and improved solid steel hooks for even greater security, Guaranteed up to $500 against the owner's comprehensive insurance deductible (Not valid in New York State, Hawaii, Texas or Wisconsin where it is prohibited by insurance law). Installation and use instructions for some products are available on our web site, however instructions are included in the packaging for all products listed on our site. Fast and easy to use, this lock offers a unique design that may work better for some users than a traditional steering wheel lock. 6. Fill out and mail the original (no copies or facsimiles accepted). Occasionally a car owner might lose her key, eventually trapping herself till a locksmith can be summoned to eliminate the device. Made in red for high visibility, The Original Club locks onto th. loyalty program The ability to adjust the length makes it an excellent option . While they are pretty straightforward in their purpose, some steering wheel locks include additional features that may be attractive to some buyers. The Club's basic steering wheel lock is a 90's classic, simple, yet effective. Color/Finish: Black. Many vehicles have steering wheels, seats and brake pedals that adjust to a different position after a vehicle is turned on and sometimes after a vehicle is turned off. Keep in mind that no steering wheel lock is a perfect solution. It is an anti-theft device and is made in a yellow color, so it will be highly visible to deter criminals from stealing your car or truck. Can be installed behind the steering wheel to avoid damage. There are enough notches to allow for a precise, snug fit that prevents anyone from using the pedal until the lock is disengaged. Designed to protect the driver and the integrity of the drivers vehicle. However, car owners can make their vehicles harder to break into by parking in heavily trafficked areas, where a would-be thief is more likely to attract attention when smashing a window. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Steering Wheel Lock, The Club Steering Wheel Lock Anti Theft Device, Retractable Car Theft Prevention Device Heavy Duty Car Security Anti Theft Lock for Car/Auto/Truck/SUV/Van at Amazon.com. We found it easy to use though also as easily disabled with a cordless drill. What the Club Does The Club anti-theft device attaches to the steering wheel to effectively lock it in place. The. Enter your search keyword. A Club is a pretty strong deterrent from thieves who want to quickly take a car in a matter of seconds. After the theft of the vehicle, request a claim form from Winner International and submit within sixty (60 days) from the date of theft along with all other required information. 9 Methods How to Break the Club Steering Wheel Lock. The Korean automakers have attempted damage control by giving all 2022-and-future models immobilizers, but the owners of any older Hyundai or Kia still remain vulnerable to this exploit. Though it is advertised as sounding at 135.0 dB, the alarm is not especially loud and does not sound for very long. Click here to find a Keyless entry options can be performed via key card or even by phone app from the automaker and several news outlets have reported a rise in thefts of vehicles that use this technology. Solid steel hooks for greater security. Understanding How The Kelly Blue Book Works. To lock the steering wheel securely in place so it cannot be used, be sure to turn the wheel one complete rotation before attaching the lock. Arguably, however, these thieves dont have the right tools. As one of the most commonly selected anti-theft device on the market, the Club lock is known in security circles by its more accurate name a steering wheel lock. As a result, a few drivers found that they required further enhanced security measures. The steering wheel locks in this article went through two rounds of reviews. Is The Club Car Theft Device an Alternative to Car Alarms? We will also offer up some of our personal favorite steering wheel locks and share why we recommend them. Total price: This item: Winner The Original Club Steering Wheel Lock, Red. This design can actually be activated with a single pull. Your best bet is to contact the manufacturer, who should be able to send you an additional key. This product is universal and applies to all vehicles. The Club is perhaps one of the best-known steering wheel locks and the standard by which many are measured. $35.00 + $22.50 shipping. If you have TheCLUB LX or TheSUV/Truck Clubthe keys cannot be duplicated, as they are specialty keys. A lock that hooks around your gas pedal or clutch. Several car thieves can now use hot wiring methods or use instruments like a screwdriver to engage the ignition by force. Buyer beware, though. Please test the product for proper function prior to use on the vehicle. 09-10 Add TO CART The Club Basic Steering Wheel Security Lock Part # 1234 SKU # 58086 $4799 Free In-Store or Curbside Pick Up SELECT STORE Home Delivery It is secure, simple to install, and it makes some feel their car is more secure. Buyer pays for return shipping. Video Transcript for Club Twin Hooks Premiere Steering Wheel Lock Review. This insurance deductible guarantee is only available in the United States and Canada. Ensure that your toothbrush and travel documents remain secure - even when youre away from home - with The Clubs line of luggage locks, cables and portable vault. We timed how long it took from entering the car to remove the steering wheel lock using one or both of these tools. While a steering wheel lock is effective at locking up the wheel, it will not keep your car from being towed. Though they are part aesthetic, these coatings can also keep your steering wheel from becoming scratched up when the lock is in place. Some steering wheel locks claim to offer a universal fit, extending far enough to cover everything from a Mini Cooper to a Silverado truck. Should any such defect arise within the warranty period, Winner shall replace the defective product with a new Club. The first obstacle to thieves is the ignition however with many car thieves able to use the hot wiring techniques or using tools such as a screwdriver to forcibly engage the ignition, some drivers found they needed more advanced security measures. While you may think that only luxury cars are at risk of being stolen, statistics show that the Honda Accord tops the list of U.S. car thefts. Because of its design, this option will not protect against airbag theft. Ans: A steering wheel lock is a weighty piece of metal that prevents your car to drive. Shop online, instore or click & collect today! The steps are . Easy to use and engage. Our reviewer noted how easy and quick it is to attach and detach the steering wheel lock using the key or combination. Under no circumstances, however, shall Winner be required to refund the purchase price of any Club. The Club steering wheel lock we know and love but with chrome-plated locking housing. 2. Larger diameter makes it ideal for larger trucks, SUVs, and recreational vehicles. If you drive a lower-trimmed Hyundai or Kia, theres a chance that someone could try to tamper with your car. THE CLUB 3000 TWIN HOOKS STEERING WHEEL LOCK. This Insurance deductible guarantee applies to your comprehensive deductible but is limited to the amount specified on the packaging or registration form. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. Please be sure to send in your registration forThe CLUB and keep your original receipt on file, as it will be required should you wish to file a claim. When selecting a steering wheel lock, consider the conditions where you typically park your car. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. The best steering wheel lock bars thieves from an easy score. The classic design of a steering wheel lock is a telescoping rod with two hooks and a lock, To use, you attach one hook to the steering wheel, then extend the other hook to the other side of the wheel and lock the rod in place. Even more importantly, steering wheel locks present an obstacle for a thief to overcome. However, it can make your car more difficult to steal, and deter some thieves. The Club steering wheel lock is made up of two metal parts that are placed over the keyhole and held in place by a locking mechanism. Check a steering wheel lock listing for dimensions on how far it can telescope, and measure your steering wheel to verify a fit. near you What programs do you offer? What we found out was that a pro thief would carry a short piece of a hacksaw blade to cut through the plastic steering wheel in a couple seconds. The Club is the trademark version of a popular automotive steering-wheel lock, produced by Sharon, Pennsylvania -based Winner International. LIMITED WARRANTY The Club steering wheel lock was designed as a supplementary preventive to car stealing. It can be a good option if you need to use your car urgently. What is Freon, and how do thieves use it to disable steering wheel locks?A. You can use lubricant spray, hammer or bolt cutters, or a power drill to get it off. To some extent, the answer is yes. . An aftermarket steering lock, often colloquially referred to as The Club like tissues are called Kleenex, is a physical lockable bar that goes over the top of the steering wheel and makes it exceptionally hard to turn. Find locks that take more time to disable and that are highly visible. There is a chance that your fingers may get pinched if you are touching the spiral rod when installing or removingThe CLUB. Finally, once youve removed the lock, keep your keys safe or consider using a different anti-theft device to prevent this from happening again. For further information, please contact our Law Enforcement Affairs division. Price: $33.52. You dont want to spend an hour securing your car every time you park. For that reason, they are susceptible to theft. It also makes the locks moderately challenging to pick. Universal fit for a range of vehicles. The Club anti-theft device attaches to the steering wheel to effectively lock it in place. PIXNOR Car Steering Wheel Lock - T Shape High Safety Anti-Theft Lock for Car SUV Truck Yellow. $61.69. 3rd Stretch the steel rod: After the lock is open, stretch the steel rod and eliminate the device. The majority of locks offer a reinforced design with a flush fit to also thwart prying attempts. through the steel bar would take a long time, drilling a hole into the keyhole can disable most steering wheel locks in less than a minute. Simple assembly, reassembly, and installation. Not many steering wheel brands have a dedicated customer support and this is a bonus for the company. Here you can find detailed features and benefits for each model, as they do vary. The Club: How it Works and Why You Should Consider Getting One. Even the strongest lock we tested is not unbreakable. This lock also has a built-in alarm (which requires three AAA batteries) that sounds if anyone should tamper with this device. Rather than attaching only to the steering wheel, this lock extends to the floorboards and hooks around the brake, clutch, or gas pedal. A steering wheel lock is not a guarantee of deterring car theft. The adjustment bar should be on the right side of your steering wheel but you can place your hook anywhere. This particular offering from The Club (and there are many) fits steering wheels with an inside dimension of 8.75 to 14 inches. Use the same cautions for any other automatic adjustable features on your vehicle. 4. The more compact it can become, the easier it will be to store when youre not using it. Commonly, many Hyundai and Kia vehicles that use physical keys dont have ignition immobilizers. Free shipping. We do require the original purchase receipt to issue a replacement registration form. Like most all steering wheel locks, The Club is better as a theft deterrent than a guarantee of protection. Almost no solution will fully protect your car. For more information, please visit the Products page. What are the Advantages of a Racing Steering Wheel? Hit the iced-over lock forcibly with the hammer. Of course, in the case of an enclosing steering wheel lock, we're referring to the outer diameter instead of the inner one. Frakking Creations 12.6K subscribers Subscribe 167K views 2 years ago. To see these and other The CLUB steering wheel locks please visit our online store. Others point to the steering wheel lock as an effective deterrent, where many thieves presented with the Club on a vehicle will move on rather than deal with the task of removing the steering lock. Steering wheel locks essentially keep thieves from being able to steer your car. The CLUB (Winner International) is not responsible for any damages or costs associated with the removal of The CLUB products from your vehicle. Winner International, Inc. (Winner) hereby warrants to the original purchase of any new The CLUB anti-theft device that the device shall be free from defect in material and/or workmanship. As one of the most popular steering wheel locks on the market, the Club 1000 is often what most car owners really need. It is placed on the steering wheel and locks the wheel in place so that the car cannot be driven. That said, no lock is perfect, and the added alarm component may serve as an additional deterrent to thieves, especially since the appearance of the device and a blinking red light indicate that it is equipped with an alarm feature. Simply place the head of the hammer on the locking mechanism and strike it with as much force as you can. One thing to note is many new cars dont require a car key to operate. To test each steering wheel lock, we installed it according to the package directions (if included).

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