My mother, my son and my nephew worked for them in fact my nephew still works for them! Today I was shopping and was shocked when I was told no exchanges anymore, this is absolutely ridiculous, how about if an Item of clothing doesn't fit me?? FORT MYERS FL THIS IS SO SAID IF IS WAS SOMEONE HAVE A DIFFERENT ETHIC BACKGROUND IT WOULD BE HANDLED MUCH BETTER. When I got them home and removed all the plastic they were wrapped in 9 out of 18 of them were cracked or chipped. Now, I'm not some anti-vaccination person at all. I'm done shopping at Goodwill. When I expressed my surprise of "an expiration date" the cashier even said "I didn't know they expired either". I have not even left the store and told the manager that i wouold like to exchange it with something in the store since they will not refund my money. Job Fairs - Goodwill hosts job fairs with area employers looking to hire. So beyond frustrated, that's $30 that went towards absolutely nothing. ( nowhere else just the location I mentioned above) As soon as I walked in the two woman behind the counter immediately proceeded to tell me that they have an all sales final policy . I bought an electrical item that didn't work and it was the 7th and last day for the return. Goodwill won't accept the products like furniture, bean bag chairs, sleeper sofas, large appliances, plumbing materials, and window blinds. Purchased some kids UGG boots and the were ruined inside. All merchandise is tagged with a color coded tag - which is discounted every 5 weeks. I washed the items only to pull them out of the dryer only to see the one with paint on it. In addition, there are no expiration dates for a gift card. Stay away this place selling broken stuff but dont want to take responsibility for it. Not sure. Goodwill said the threats appear to be directed at a particular store in Stark County. I was informed today that Goodwill will no longer except returns on anything in the store you purchase. TALLMADGE, Ohio - Goodwill Industries serving Summit, Portage, Medina, Ashland and Richland counties opened a new retail store and donation center last week in South Plaza at 501 South Ave . And they don't honor it half the time since their workers seem to make up their own rules. Then I read on-line there is a 7 day return window. Now I'm stuck with in-store credit with nothing professional to wear to my interview. However, you cannot request an exchange for an unidentical product even if it has the same value. I don't think Goodwill has a clue how much merchandise is being purchased for other people other than themselves. He might forgot that the donors and customers support Goodwill to run business, so you can help people. When asked to downate after buying something to the rounded up amount, I do so. So they will accept clothes for profit but not refund to loyal customers? Proof of purchase is defined as having the original receipt for the item being returned or exchanged. But not at Goodwill. She basically dismissed my issue; said the no return policy was always in effect even before Covid, that the signs were posted at the check-out counter (which they were not), and that I just didn't look hard enough. We would not be able to make the difference that we have without the support of the communities we serve. I now still have to go out and buy more China because there was not even enough unbroken pieces to make a matching set. Does Publix Take EBT? I need more than one day, I'm busy on tuesday's , also only 75% off instead of 1.99. I tried to return clothes (with receipt and tags intact) the next day and they said no returns, not even for store credit. A phone will work. Concerned, I purchased a stereo surround sound system at the transit road store in Depew NY for 65.00 that didn't work at all. Not sure who's running things lately, but this chain of thrift stores is going down hill with their return policy. Change your policies so they match what customers expect. Response-we need to make money too. What am I suppose to do? They were for some family members. Just brought back a item that did not work! Going to go throw it in their parking lot in the morning. So now I am stuck with $100 worth of pants that I can't wear and that will probably end up being re-donated, so they can turn around and sell them again. How can I walk with 5x7 that is full of dust to different locations just to see if GOODWILL HAVE ANYTHING FOR $60. Needless to say only one of the two pairs fit me comfortably enough to wear .they were priced at $25.00 as were the other pair of 13 'a. I recently bought quite a few things from goodwill and once I got home I noticed one jacket is quite literally falling apart at the seams and I paid 20 for it. But the no as is and no return policies is absolutely unfair and ridiculous! What I bought was very dirty and chipped and today I find online I could have bought the same product brand new for $6 more. She should find s new job and stop sending so much good cheer. Select one of our generators to create the required legal agreements for your business: Our Privacy Policy Generator can . I wasn't aware of the new return/ exchange policy it sucks they use to do returns but since they don't I'm not going back! At Least Continue To Let Customers Exchange Something, You're Not Losing Anything But Another Customer Due To This Policy Change. I was not able to get store credit unlike their own store policy states. If I purchase a clothing item via Goodwill Online, may I return it to a local store for a refund? We are recognized nationally as one of the most efficient charities . It's a really frustrating experience and there is no Goodwill about it. Please reinstate the returns for electronics. 1) I attempted a return to the Goodwill in Medford OR 5 days after my purchase. If enough people stop shopping there because of their no-return policy maybe they will change it. Tried to return it (for store credit) and the manager said they can't do that. Even they were tested the power on, it does not mean they work. Today I was going to buy a ps3 for 80$ complete trash it didn't work. Goodwill's no refund or exchange policy will certainly have an affect on my purchases. Goodwill at 4605 Dixie Hwy, Fairfield, OH 45014: store location, business hours, driving direction, map, phone number and other services. Goodwill will reopen all locations - except for ones in Stark County - on Thursday. Everything you get is donated! I got Jack at the register. If there's a sign that says the return policy and it doesn't clarify that it's only for electronics and just said "returns accepted within 7 days" then that manager is misinformed or just being a militant douche. Money hungry organization. It's up repairable since it is silk embroidered. There is no actual statement that proves this but you can try it. Whoever wrote this article is full of ? No need to stop by and buy broken items only to be forced to get a store credit. See detailed Goodwill customer service rankings, employee comments and much more from our sister site. Posted: 01-21-2014 Return & Exchange Policy All donated clothing and electronics may be exchanged or a store credit issued if returned to the store where it was bought with a proof of purchase within seven (7) days of purchase. Bought a shirt the was way to large. My goodwill has always been no returns but it's operated differently everywhere so it just depends on each stores specific policy. PATHETIC.. You buy something there in good faith it works. On occasion, we do feature merchandise in our store that is New and therefore, we do very little discounting of this merchandise. Similarly, sanitization of the store is done throughout the day at regular intervals. All sales are final at our northern Arizona locations. Goodwill really should put a sign saying when it's doing sales and no returns. Follow the step-by-step instructions below to design your printable goodwill receipt: Select the document you want to sign and click Upload. My name is rafael castillo,i went to store to purchase 3 dress to my daugther,the size was perfect but the dress was fix them dont fit properly ,i come back to exchange and goodwill of downgody in georgia said the do not do exchange in a item,spoke to manager and said policy is no return o exchange,i usually buy clothes in goodwill,but i wont do it any more,because this incident,is not fair, returning something after 2 hours of porchasing ,the said no, When I purchase a used item, I assume I am risking losing my money. Get compliant today with Disappointed to learn about the change to Goodwill's return policy. Their return policy is non-existent, it's a exchange policy instead. I then asked if I could get store credit and she said they don't do that. Some items are very very high price. Find the answer to many of our Frequently Asked Questions. Managers go and check records on cameras with NO proof Why they perform an action.Just pure discrimination of customers. Goodwill stores in much of Northeast Ohio were set to reopen Dec. 9, following threats that were made by email and telephone Dec. 7 to its Canton headquarters and a Stark County store.. This is fraud. When buying a jacket i get home and find that its sleeves are too short for my husband. DO NOT BUY from the "Goodwill of Central and Coastal Virginia" because they are selling broken items and covering self's from returns by saying "AS IS" - "NON-REFUNDBLE"! I do not want to claim that I am the top spender, but I went shopping almost everyday and always bought too much. Since I am a senior and was sheltered at home and gbe fact that the stores were also closed could not return the items. After this I'm getting on Yelp . GOODWILL STORE OF ENGLEWOOD - 606 Taywood Rd, Englewood, OH - Yelp Restaurants Auto Services Goodwill Store of Englewood 2 reviews Unclaimed $ Thrift Stores, Community Service/Non-Profit, Donation Center Edit Closed 8:00 AM - 9:00 PM See hours Add photo or video Write a review Add photo Location & Hours 606 Taywood Rd Englewood, OH 45322 If He/She is mad the prices are marked up. . Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need information on location of store. Now I'm out that money and buying another one will be that much harder. Returned it today and was told I could only get store credit, even though I paid in cash and had my receipt and the item with tags still intact. Took it back the same day for a refund, the lady told me no refunds are given not even store credit. They do but not in cash, their refund type is store credit only. I called the manager and after I explained my situation I was told to bring it back in. If every customer is touching most of your merchandise and your front entrance door and countertops explain to me how the fitting rooms are a danger its bullsh%t open your fitting rooms. You have lowered your standards to garbage. Cost was $30. But, if you blink - it will be gone. Not good business practice. However, I desired to purchase a pure there. Please review your policy with every Goodwill store. Seems like that would expose the item to more germs/virus than letting people try it on there. I then have the next couple of weeks (at my G'will store) to look for something else to buy. I found one, but was too high for me to see clearly and was attached so could not be taken down. Job Club I told the clerk I wanted to buy the bag. So they have a thing up there that says all sales are final but not one that say if it don't have a tag on it they can't sales it. Dell Reconnect recyclers meet required standards, including the absolute prohibition of exporting waste and environmentally sensitive materials. An appropriate discount rate for use is 6%. No problem right? Goodwill is DISGUSTING IN GREED.the ceos make millions off of over pricing donated items. Clothing may be returned within 5 days. You cannot use the fitting rooms in these stores so you are buying blind. This was the store in Lexington, TN. It's a recycle business. he still kept saying until I have to ask him to stop and get over it. It will make me feel I want shopping more Lol. They said no. Add me to the list of people who will no longer support Goodwill for their bad business practices. The return policy at Goodwill is pretty stringent. It is a non-working charger that should never have been placed on the shelf for sale in the first place. IRS inquiries are always directed to the taxpayer not to the recipient of the donation. I asked for a credit. The Goodwills in Lafayette Indiana are WONDERFUL!! They can't be a true 36 waist any how I read the return policy just before I left the house . I have never had this experience before! I want to return the bears and just have my money put background in my debit card,NOT STORE CREDITWhat l am I gonna do with 40.00 worth of damned BEARS!! Find something with no price on it and watch them take it to the back and put a price on it. They pay people to check the items before putting it out. I used to be a regular customer but not anymore. I understand the good this organization does for communities. You shouldn't sell broken things and not allow at least store credit on them. He quickly replied "No" this person was to the point and made it clear to me and many other customers of their policy. Their clothing has increased way substantially anyways but I shop there being they donate 90% of the proceeds but now I don't even think that could keep me going. Beware of the time of your purchase because it's only 7 days that they allow you to return an item! So my question to her was * so, l was told wrong when l specifically asked. Occasionally, people will ask for an item to be discounted. Return Policy: Defective electrical, electronic and mechanical merchandise may be returned within 48 hours for store credit only. And a FitBit Charge 2 for 30 ..that was supposedly newand won't work. THIS THE VIRUS WE HAVING WORLD BEHAVIOR, 1 BAD APPLE SPOIL THE HOLD BUNCH, Bought several tops at a Goodwill In North Carolina. That was nice of him but It was still impossible for me to pick it up until two days longer than he offered. Gonna start calling you "greedy goodwill". Welcome to Goodwill. When Goodwill started selling online after they found out how much money could be made by selling online from resellers that we're coming into their stores! Sorry about that . Shoping at Oakwood Ga. So what, I'm just supposed to keep a shirt that I paid for that I literally can't wear??? Yeah I just got back on my bike ride to the goodwill to return a pair of size 13 tennis shoes that were one of two pairs of size 13 shoes for my self . Where is the logic in any of that?? And my nephew works in e-commerce which is shopGoodwill but more about him in a few minutes! Now of course I lost the damn thing. You rely on customers treat them right. I have supported Goodwill in the past by donating goods and purchasing in-store. Because of covid all of their dressings rooms were closed which is understandable. Naturally the company has to pay its workers. I push the cart to the side and told him i dont throw my money away on things that i could'nt be sure to work. Just One day after purchase and was told. Seems ridiculous to me and we donate all the time. Central Florida's New Return Policy Sucks That Is Not Fair, I Should Be Able To Exchange A Pice Of Clothing That Did Not Fit, With The Proof Of Purchase The Next Day I Purchase. So I buy blind. I suggest you remove all of the plastic wrap they put around thier items to cover the damage. Just sickening! Goodwill is a not-for-profit organization committed to providing jobs and training for people to gain skills and achieve independence. The return policy stated here is reasonable except that ALL items, including electronics and defective items should be returnable within the 10 days, not just clothing. We purchased several items yesterday at our local store. But, the manager should have understood the situation and acted appropriately. LA Canada and Lambert street. Wtf . The store does not provide a refund to your original payment mode. If the holiday falls on the weekend, it is observed either Friday or Monday, please call ahead if you are unsure. I asked if these items didn't work out could l return. I will think twice about shopping there from now on. No open dressing rooms? I will no longer donate money or goods to them, and will no longer shop at their stores. 99% of the time there is a different item in the box than what it shows on the outside. If I knew this I would have never taken the risk of this purchase. I'd hate to think it's intentional. The return policy stated here is reasonable except that ALL items, including electronics and defective items should be returnable within the 10 days, not just clothing. I didn't want to make a scene so I just accepted it. BADWILL should be their name because there's nothing GOOD about them! The organization does not accept mail-in returns. Changing your return policy draws a line in the sand--whether GW is a nonprofit or a retail business. Not sure when the policy was instituted as I don't recall seeing this on my previous receipt but more unbelievable that the staff was not aware of their own policies. I just left Goodwill and they told me they will not accept returns on electronic itemsaltho they also say they are tested before they put them on the the deep fryer that's lid will not open was tested? The woman was degrading rude and downright not a nice person. It was over 2 year from expiration day. Yes, Goodwill returns are free. Electrical equipments in. One mentioned depending on how they fell that day that is how they mark the prices on the items. Original hanging tag or sticker must still be attached to the item. All customers exchanging items are required to update customer information in our database. We won't be spending nearly as much as we use to and probably not be visiting Goodwill as often now. I hadn't realized this since I was trying to get out of the middle of the aisle so people could use the outlets. I believe when someone goes out of their way to help they should be recognized. Such is a disrespect to clients who support Goodwill's mission to support people with disabilities. Now! If I bought a VHS Player and it ate my favorite VHS Tape, you'd better believe I'm bringing it back to that store and heaving it across the store until I get my refund. Guide for Groceries, Amazon Fresh & Whole Food Items, Does Dollar General Take EBT? Effective January 22, 2023, we will fully implement a 14-day return policy for Apparel items only. Required fields are marked *. Really? He was apologetic, but I called him an hour prior so I don't understand that! Why the prices keep growing so fast? I called ahead before going to see what the policy was. I'm sure that you have added testing stations so that people can test all electronics, things that need to be plugged in, and open anything taped up. If you have purchased a Goodwill item, you should act quickly because of the following reasons. Finally went to goodwill after 1 year. Went back to the Store returned the item and the Manager fid nit gave my money back. Stupid. Seems a bit shady. And I bought two electronics on sale for 50%. The organization does not allow returns by mail. We find that goodwill-to-sales strongly and negatively predicts the cross-section of U.S. stock returns, especially among firms with cross-industry M&As and firms with overconfident CEOs. are hereby superseded. Electronics: Stereos, Radios, VCRs, DVD Players, Etc. Goodwill today was going to buy a $20.00 fish tank aquarium. I did notvrealuze you no longer did a credit card return. Then I read on-line there is a 7 day return window. Sometimes our shoppers have questions about our policies and procedures and other aspects of our operations. I guess it works differently when you purchase online. I spoke to the manager who said clothes have never been returnable, but I know I have received store credit before. 2) The same store in Medford OR will not refund a cash payment for goods but will only give a store credit. You expect people to purchase clothes in a store (as opposed to on the Internet ) and not be allowed to determine whether the piece of clothing fits and how it looks in a mirror? I tried to return them the next day, and was told by two people, in a snotty manner, that was not their policy and I could only have a store credit. As bad as Goodwill is you have to open the package to even see if it works let alone not be damaged or have some of the parts in it. Dissatisfied Customer. Lumberton NJ. came and he it was kind enough to return it eith store credit the items they did take. It's ridiculous that you can't return an item for store credit. Moreover, they maintain a safe atmosphere at the store. Unfortunately, Some of the new pieces I did buy did not fit. Is this a new across-the-board policy, or couid it simply be a result of the grasping nature of this particular franchisee (whose prices seem ridiculously high anyway)? I want to let you know that each and every one of you are all my biggest 0's(zeros) !!! If we don't love it and it fits we don't buy it. Goodwill needs a new name Badwill for PROFIT Only. Double tax. They are the worst charity I've ever encountered. Then, one of the items had not been rung up properly and wasn't on the receipt. I was told I could RETURN the items within a week with the receipt. I felt he threw the responsibility to the customer. The Goodwill Return Policy mentions that you do need your receipt and it is within a 7 day period - and you only get STORE CREDIT - but do not go by what it says on the receipt. We will get you the answers you are looking for. I spent $5,800 last year. Since Goodwill provides quality new and used items at reasonable prices, they are unable to issue cash refunds. If you are not going to allow people to try things on, you should at LEAST allow an exchange. I promise you that!! Me and my grandmother was in one here in Gladewater tx and she found a cover up shirt she like and the price tag was on it when she got it off the rack,but when we got ready to check out the price tag came off and I had it in my hand and they still would not let us get it. I had to call to find out. Moreover, if you refuse to accept a gift card refund, you can also request an exchange for the same product. Quickly move out of the way when you hear "Cart moving.". Your donations change their requirements for ohio valley goodwill industries of certification for me there is working directly with goodwill return policy ohio valley goodwill outlet. All stores in Summit, Portage, Medina, Ashland and Richland counties remained closed on Wednesday. Cash grab Goodwill, scamming the American people with overpriced items. I don't know that I'll be going to goodwill from now on because of this. Clothing (Goods) - GoodWill has many locations in all 50 states and many donation bins scattered throughout. Add to that the fact that a local store told me that because they are a "private company," they don't have to comply with the ADA regarding disability accommodations. I purchased this morning two charter club feather/down pillows still in their plastic bags with all marketing signs indicating the brand and everything. Bought them, brought them home, and LO! Goodwill helps people improve their lives by assisting individuals to find a job and grow their careers. Note:no signs displayed to inform public. Do they have video, facial recognition or what from the date and time on receipt? Dressing rooms were closed due to Covid, so I couldn't try anything on. I want the 37 LG TV that I bought working or my money Back. The cashier told me they didn't issue credits, but she called a manager for me. Here is All About It [Updated], Does Amazon Accept EBT? In store credit needs to be gotten rid of I'm sick of goodwill selling obviously broken items at inflated prices and sticking you with in store credit when you return it. Exactly like the person who posted a little bit earlier on here. The identified items are removed from the shelves and are not available for purchase. I buy clothes for my kids and I can't do that anymore because they may not fit or they may not like it. I will not shop there or donate any longer. I am vip member that means am always buying might have bought too much, on July 3 I went in to the store and was told that everything will be Sale July 4, on the sale day I purchased a 5x7 rug for the same price was hesitant I expected to pay the sale price and went outside to call a cleaner's on hearing the price to clean I said I will just put it back 2mins after purchasing, the rug for $60.00,the manager said I can't return, take store credit, I ask for some kind a prove to say I have a store credit they said the don't have anything to prove "suggestions for the Manager and cashier I should walk to different stores with the rug and the receipt for the next 7days to see if there is nothing else for $60". They dont charge extra for their return shipping. Return Policy Goodwill accepts returns on clothing and electronics only; receipt must be present. Talk about ripping your customer off. I also noticed that the prices are getting to be ridiculous for donated items! I thought it was only store credit, but the receipt states otherwise. I went to the store with the bag that still had the price tags attached and my original receipt. Married, filing separately. It was put in the bag and when I got home I saw it clearly. I'll use the credit while I'm here for certain. You've made enough money off of used, over priced, ripped, and just flat out crap stuff. Good job guys!!! You may also like: Kmart return policy or Home Goods return policy. Goodwill policies are not acceptable if you use a debit or credit card on your purchases. 1) I attempted a return to the Goodwill in Medford OR 5 days after my purchase. In store credit needs to be gotten rid of I'm sick of goodwill selling obviously broken items at inflated prices and sticking you with in store credit when you return it. So before purchasing from Goodwill, make sure you want to buy it. Goodwill has a Fairness Policy which states that since our goods come from public donations, its only fair that every customer has an equal opportunity to purchase any items for sale here. Goodwill-Easter Seals Minnesota is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that envisions a world where everyone experiences the power of work. Can I exchange my men suit I bought and never wear 1day, I bought 3 pairs of shoes. It doesnt take long to simply test the items you're selling to ensure that they are at least functional. Believe me someone has to hear us. I also have no problem with in store credit for a return. The clerk said no they couldn't & checked with another clerk who stated it was a health department issue. Today I donated a car load of items and went inside to return the items for a store credit. The store bathrooms are always disgusting as well . Bought a cassette player that wound up not working, but on their physical receipt it said they would fully refund electronic devices within 7 days of purchase. He said it was "against regulations"! I respect the return policy but I want to tell something is not fair for buyer, especially electronic. I also can see where the return policy stems from regarding purchases items. I've seen things we can get from the Dollar Tree for a 1.25 and the Goodwill have it priced for 2.99, 3.99.. They allow for a 14 day return policy on the receipt and don't even ask why you are returning it he items. The return would not be accepted if you fail to submit the receipt you got while making the purchase. The employee told me they test all the merchandise and it was fine when they sold it and they didn't refund.

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