2 most violent state, next in line for new security plan. If you're counting on the US government to tell you what's safe, and what's not safe, you would never leave your home. Armed muggings can also occur at traffic lights, even in busy cities. Much of the BCS population lives in either La Paz or combined cities of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose known as Los Cabos. Dont let the cheery colors confuse you they paint the houses those colors to make those areas look more welcoming. Here are answers to some of the most common questions we see from our readers about staying safe in Baja California. Violence against women continues to rise with 21 murders recorded in the first seven months of 2020. When driving in Baja, you may come upon some different road signs. Is Baja California Safe in 2023? Baha de los ngeles. How Awful Are Baja Mexico Roads? Its best to avoid Ensenadas red light district as well. However, you should stick to the main roads and avoid hitchhikers. Stats show eight people are killed in a "violent manner" every day in the state directly south of California. I have never been afraid to travel to Mexico, and been to Cabo before, but Im curious if anyone had any bad experiences with crime. CLICK HERE TO CONTACT OUR VILLA SPECIALISTS TODAY, Transpeninsular Km 3.5 #706 Patio La Luna, El Tezal, Copyright 2009 - 2023 All rights reserved by Cabo Platinum. Your use of this service is subject to our Pickpocketing, muggings, and home break-ins are all risks to be wary of. 2,152.8 Sqft. With these safety precautions, travelers can avoid risky situations and enjoy their Cabo San Lucas adventure. We just didnt even get close there was no reason to. Another area to avoid in Tijuana is Zona Centro, or the citys center. js.src = "//forms.aweber.com/form/26/513873526.js";
Yes You Can RV Baja, California Mexico In A Big Rig, Camping Baja California: 13 Awesome Places To Stay. Copyright 2009-2023 Numbeo. We did go to La Paz and a bit into Cabo, but we didnt really stay in the city there too much. Camarillo, 93010 Crime Rates and Crime Statistics - NeighborhoodScout Custom Analytics to Invest, Appraise, or Finance Real Estate REPORTS MATCH CREATE Investor Grade Analytics For Every Location NeighborhoodScout's exclusive condition, trend, and forecasting data empowers professionals to: Uncover Opportunity Mitigate Risk Invest Wisely Image from Google Street View. While it may not be first in every category, the designation is based on cumulative stats. During the daytime, its mostly safe. East Cape Baja Map Copyright 2009-2023 Numbeo. I have the same thoughts as all of you. They are shown in red on the map above. Even if your GPS app suggests a better route, remember that it may not be safer, so try not to go off the main road too much. According to the Citizen Council for Public Security and Criminal Justice AC, the rearrangement and the dispute of the cartels by the areas of the state, brought the municipality of Playas de Rosarito, Baja California, to first place in the list of the most violent sites in Mexico. Drug deals are standard, which means that drug dealers and their henchmen are also present. If we link to any product, you should assume that we'll receive a commission when you buy it, at no extra cost to you. Wherever you stay, ask your hotel receptionist or Airbnb host about which areas are safe to visit. We recommend driving during the daytime while youre in Baja. You should pay traffic fines on the official. Look out for crumbling missions, date palms, coconuts and mangrove swamps as you meander southward. Baja California is relatively safe for US tourists, as evidenced by the large numbers of travelers who cross the border by car or on foot. Avoiding Unprofessional or Unlicensed Doctors. If you are driving into Mexico, youll need your vehicle registration. Crime is another issue that should concern you. Wherever you stay, ask your hotel receptionist or Airbnb host about which areas are safe to visit. Its best to eat from established restaurants with good reviews. You will want to avoid the red light district Zona Norte (the North Zone) in Tijuana. I just read the article out of curiosity. Tourists coming here for diving, fishing, windsurfin. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. | Travel Tips & Safety Concerns. Even if your GPS app suggests a better route, remember that it may not be safer, so try not to go off the main road too much. Discover Baja Travel Club 8322 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. Were going to Baja California [to deal with] the security issue and well report [from] there, Lpez Obrador told his Monday morning press conference. The only way to get in trouble. is to look for some. Amid all the bad news generated from the COVID-19 pandemic the Governor of Baja California Sur, Carlos Mendoza Davis announced the release of the 2019 crime statistics. 1888 Baja California Maps by Charles Nordhoff, stitched together. The boundaries of the restricted area are: to the east, the Baja California/Arizona and Baja California/Sonora borders; to the south, from La Ventana (on Highway 5) due east to the Colorado River; to the west, Highway 5; and to the north, Boulevard Lazaro Cardenas/Highway 92/Highway 1 to Carretera Aeropuerto, from the intersection of Highway 1 An official website of the United States government. Visit theBorderReport.com homepagefor the latest exclusive stories and breaking news about issues along the United States-Mexico border. Most earthquakes are, fortunately, low-magnitude earthquakes, so you are unlikely to experience harm. Check theNational Hurricane Center for hurricane warnings. Many drivers may not even have a valid license. A great place to find more detailed maps would be in the Baja California Almanac. Is Afghanistan Safe in 2023? At one point I thought, Man, I will be so happy once we cross back into the US . Some tourists have found it easier to simply pay a bribe and give in to the extortion rather than ask the police officer to accompany them to the station. In Baja California, the murder rate this year is 73 per 100,000 residents so far. Its a very safe area, but public transport isnt always available. These travel maps of Baja California are great for reference and normal vacation planning, but should not be used for serious navigational purposes like offroading. We will be updating the maps of Baja California periodically to ensure that you have up-to-date travel information! Still no where near the stats of homicide levels comparitivly in other cities listed and known to have high drug/cartel activity (Juarez, Culiacan, Chihuahua, etc). Kidnappers may attempt to extort money from family members as a ransom, or they may take you to ATMs and force you to take out cash in exchange for your freedom. Rosarito and Tijuana are in the same built-up area according to most experts. Travel advisory lowered for Mexico but border restrictions remain The beaches and inland areas are really not visited much in the summer so you as a tourist will have the areas to yourself. One of the reasons the State Department increased Baja Californias advisory to a Level 3 warning was the arrest of a cartel leader, which led to increased violence between cartels and the police, according to the. From 2009-2017. the countrys second most violent state this year for total homicides, allegedly the CJNGs Baja California base, Mexican scientists helping to rid Galapagos of invasive plants, CDMXs Metrobus Line 3 now fully electric, Runner Citlali Moscote is first Mexican athlete to qualify for 2024 Olympics, Peso continues to strengthen; hits best level against the dollar since 2017, U.S. sanctions 8 Mexican companies for timeshare fraud schemes, Ovidio Guzmn, son of El Chapo, is captured in Sinaloa, 3 hotels evicted from properties in Tulum, guests and all. Before I continue, its important to distinguish between Baja California and Baja California Sur. What I have learned as we have been on the road and visiting so many unknown places is that the fear is so much larger in your head than what it really is once you are there. Each map will provide you with a good visual guide to the Baja Peninsula. We were only in San Jose for a day so I cant say much specifically on that city. This week, theUnited StatesDepartment of Stateissued recommendations for North American citizenswho plan to visit Mexico: one is in relation to Covid-19 and another corresponds to the increase in crimes and kidnappings in some states of the Mexican Republic. You need not worry about what you hear. You will also see them standing around town sometimes. Buy Baja Real Estate. The Baja Peninsula is broken up into two states, Baja California and Baja California Sur. Just know that the summer months are hot and prepare for the heat. If you buy a product we link to, we may earn a commission. Either go on a tour, drive down from California, rent a car in Mexico, or hire a private driver for the day. Cardn cacti, boojum trees, ocotillo, cholla and other desert marvels thrive in this beautiful desert area that sometimes doesn't receive any rain for a decade. So don't complain. The entire area is seedy, and bad things can go down quickly. No. RENTAL CAR SERVICES. Camping Baja California: 13 Awesome Places To Stay Author Recent Posts Bryanna Bryanna has been full time RVing with her husband and 4 kids since May 2014. Privacy Policy. Dont stop to sleep in sketchy areas as well. Kidnapping is a risk in Mexico, and Baja California is not exempt. Photo: Cvmontuy, CC BY-SA 4.0. 1886 Baja California Map. Many travelers visit the red light district of Tijuana to hire prostitutes, visit massage parlors, or simply enjoy a drink at one of the many lady bars or strip clubs in the area. The limits of the restricted area are: to the east, the limits of Baja California / Arizona and Baja California / Sonora. The authors of the Baja California Almanac also create excellent folding maps of Baja California. The first few times I saw them I didnt feel right about it. The same goes for Ensenada. It's very common for Expats in Ensenada to buy or rent homes between the cities of Rosarito and Ensenada. If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. Its important to realize that driving in Mexico is not like driving in the United States. The regional rates for violent and property crimes per 100,000 inhabitants were as follows: in the Northeast, 1,350.4property crimes and 292.4 violent crimes; in the Midwest, 1,935.4 property crimes and 361.7 violent crimes; in the South, 2,355.3 property crimes and 406.6 violent crimes; and in the West, 2,411.7 property crimes and 413.5 violent crimes. It says criminal activity and violence, including homicide, are a primary concern throughout Baja California. Another problem is TJ's violence being overstated. Still, much more needs to be done to pacify the state. Rosarito is generally safe, but crime can still occur. Finally, earthquakes may occur from time to time as well. These data are based on perceptions of visitors of this website in the past 3 years. However, higher-magnitude earthquakes may happen as well. The department says transnational. Rosarito is generally safe, but crime can still occur. US citizens need a passport or passport card to cross the border. Crime in Baja California typically falls into one of two categories: cartel activity and thievery. The 25,000-sq-km Reserva de la Biosfera El Vizcano is one of . Whether celebrating one year or 50, a trip to Los Cabos is a vacation you will never forget. (After stopping to get your FMM at the Mexican Immigration office). Please try your request again later. They crossed the border at 4:30 a.m. and preceded toward the toll road, driving along the well-worn road that hugs the border and then climbs the steep hill toward the Tijuana beaches, the bullring and coastal destinations further south. Finally, avoid wandering around near the border except for the. The competing cartel cells are mainly selling methamphetamine on the streets, the officials said, although drugs such as cocaine and heroin are also available. The State Department says the Baja California advisory includes Tijuana, Ensenada as well as other locations that are a hot spot for organized crime. 53. 1998 - 2023 Nexstar Media Inc. | All Rights Reserved. I never once had witnessed a murder or heard gun shots. It also advises you to always stick to the main roads and highways. Thanks. Drug deals are standard, which means that drug dealers and their henchmen are also present. . Also, like Tijuana, Ensenada has a Zona de Tolerancia a tolerance zone where prostitution is legal. +526131351810. Sarah L. Voisin / TWP NEG NUMBER: 207367 Ciudad Juarez, Mexico In an effort to control drug related violence, the Mexican military has taken over the. Crime and Safety in Cabo San Lucas in 2021/2022. Swim in choppy waters or when there is a warning flag. Watching Out for Earthquakes, Hurricanes, and Diseases, Both earthquakes and hurricanes can occur in Mexico, according to the, There is also a risk of Zika virus along the coast, according to. Keep your valuables hidden and maintain a low profile. Mapa de la cd. A gajillion tourists cannot be wrong. Its an issue of narcomenudeo [small-scale drug trafficking] on [street] corners, one official said. Hmmm, The article is recent (July) but the stats they used on (ta && ta.queueForLoad ? Crime rates in Baja California - Numbeo Beautiful home surrounded by gardens and a dreamy view. Baja California Map - Google My Maps Points of interest for traveling in Baja California Points of interest for traveling in Baja California Sign in Open full screen to view more. Neighbors from the Guerrero, El Zacatal, INVI-Chametla, and La Pasin colonies were robbed in their respective homes, while in the vicinity of La Fuente a passerby was stripped of his valuables by an alleged assailant. Before your trip to Baja California, Mexico, keep the following advice in mind. This mountain range effectively divides the weather patterns in the state. We are going to travel to Cabo soon, and I was surprised to see Cabo San Lucas on some travel sites, number one of 10 of tourist places with more crime in Mexico, and on the travel gov site the advisory for reconsider travel to Baja California due to crime and kidnapping ( no advisory some time ago). The one I can remember is jtgtravel. La Paz. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Telephone scams targeting tourists are also common in Cabo San Lucas. Also, like Tijuana, Ensenada has a Zona de Tolerancia a tolerance zone where prostitution is legal. has released a Level 3 Reconsider Travel advisory for Baja California state. September 11, 2020. Rosarito is generally safe, but avoid isolated areas of the beach, especially at night. It is the road that everyone who has ever traveled into Northern Baja has been on. 2010-2023 | AllAboutBaja.com - Travel Guide to the Baja California Peninsula | No part of this website may be reproduced without our written consent. DISCLOSURE: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at no cost to you. var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];
John, you felt unsafe, but no one hurt you, right? Which one did you read about and what is your source? But its 2017 murder rate of 78.6 per 100,000 residents was the second-highest figure in the nation -- more than triple the national average of 22.5 per 100,000. Sie knnen auch jederzeit g.co/privacytools besuchen. Mexico/Baja California highway map : including Ensenada, Mexi. Travel Guide to the Baja California Peninsula. Despite that, they dont usually cause trouble for tourists. But reading ithus helped me a lot. Mit den gewonnenen Informationen mchten wir verstehen, wie unsere Dienste verwendet werden, und die Qualitt dieser Dienste verbessern. Drives in areas such as the Catavina Desert or long routes between cities such as El Rosario and Guerrero Negro are exceptionally long! In the list of the most populated towns of the whole municipality, it is the number #3 of the ranking. Great tips for the hot summers. The United States Embassy has now issued a travel warning for U.S. citizens who plan to travel to these areas. By a simple count ignoring population, more crimes occur in the southeast parts of California: about 58,626 per year. This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in the United States. Then we got to San Felipe. Baja California is one of the safer areas of Mexico, especially if you stick to Rosarito, Ensenada, and Guadalupe Valley. Stay in a secure hotel, hostel, or Airbnb instead of camping on the beach. Criminal Justice Information Services Division, FBI.gov is an official site of the U.S. Department of Justice. The information is gathered by experienced and trusted Nexstar Media Group journalists hired specifically to cover the border. 3 Beds. They are really only looking for transports of illegal items. Again it felt a bit odd at first, but you get used to it. One of the main draws of Baja California Sur is the ocean. The further away you get from the touristy area, the more dangerous it gets. All of that couldnt have been more far from the truth. A Mexican peninsula extending into the Pacific Ocean from the south end of the U.S. state of California, Baja California provides some of Mexico's most dramatic sea and landscapes. Therefore, arranging private transportation is critical before visiting wineries in Guadalupe Valley. Ensenada has some bad areas, but they tend to be on the citys outskirts. While Ensenada has some good hiking trails, its essential to ask your hotel or Airbnb host if its a good idea to go. Even though how safe is Loreto Mexico to drive depends on you exercising caution and staying alert, navigating traffic in this small town makes exploring the Baja Peninsula easy. Police forces along these border communities claim that the rise in violent crimes in . BCS has the longest coastline of any of the Mexican states with an impressive 1,243 miles. The same goes for Ensenada. Pickpocketing, muggings, and home break-ins are all risks to be wary of. Is Baja California Safe? I always went with them because we heard stories of items being planted, but I never felt that was even a possibility. No different than CSL. Published March 24, 2022 News FOX 11 LOS ANGELES - The State Department recently reissued a warning for Americans planning travel to Tijuana or Baja California due to heightened concerns. Nicht personalisierte Inhalte werden u.a. von Inhalten, die Sie sich gerade ansehen, Aktivitten in Ihrer aktiven Suchsitzung und Ihrem Standort beeinflusst. This means that the rates of Covid-19 infections continue to be high, which is why they recommend that the country not be visited. Description. If you wish to enjoy excellent nightlife and a relaxing city on the water, Ensenada is a quiet and small city that is much safer than Tijuana. Police officers guard a crime scene where a man was killed by gun fire in downtown Tijuana, Baja California state, Mexico, on April 21, 2019. It is 40 kilometers wide at the narrowest section close to La Paz, Baja California Sur, and 320 kilometers wide at the widest point. Los Barriles has an extremely low crime rate. Prostitution is legal in Zona Norte, but the area is unsafe. Be wary of fake police officers as well, and always ask to see an ID and speak to a superior. Always check theCDCs travel noticesfor warnings about hurricanes, Zika, and other diseases and natural disasters. Now that sounds dangerous ! There is also a risk of Zika virus along the coast, according toTravelHealthPro. Thank you so much! It is relatively safe compared to most of Mexico and major cities in the United States. Violent crime is possible as well. That is the best way to make sure that a ride is legitimate. In full disclosure when we crossed the border I had a stomach ache and that stomachache did not go away as we drove the 2 +hours to San Felipe. A+. Wenn Sie Alle akzeptieren auswhlen, verwenden wir Cookies und Daten auch, um. Bryanna has been full time RVing with her husband and 4 kids since May 2014. However, is Baja California safe for tourists, both single tourists and families? }(document, "script", "aweber-wjs-zgpswl6aw"));
. Thats especially true on the weekends when there are large crowds. Hey! California Total Violent Crime Map. Since 1995, Benchmark Maps has been driving and mapping the American West, publishing award-winning recreation maps and atlases. Seriously, it is so community and family orientated and everyone is nice and wants to be helpful. They have also asked that if you must visit Baja California, Nogales, and Hermosillo, itwould be better to travel during the day to avoid mishaps. No tourists were involved. Stats show eight people are killed in a violent manner every day in the state directly south of California. TIJUANA (Border Report) The border state of Baja California overall is Mexicos most crime-ridden when it comes to murders, crimes against women and auto theft, according to the National Public Safety System in Mexico.

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