We will start by listing each and every release. Hover to zoom. Lets Be Friends (1970) Another budget-price compilation off-loading unused soundtrack material and a couple new ones. Opening hootenanny Stay Away, Joe has a strong stay away, listener subtext, but the next song, the soulful ballad If Im a Fool (for Loving You) draws us back in. It could have been because he was expected to sing about Old MacDonald having a farm and going E-I-E-I-O, with the addition of embarrassing new lyrics about chicken fricassee, pork and beans, and burgers. Elvis did not sell 1 billion records by 1982, which claim first appeared via an article in the 'Washington Post' dated 12 July of that year and quoted RCA as its source. There is no question that the American share of the global market had been in steady decline for several decades - dating back to the time that some countries as far apart as Brazil and Japan, first began to embrace Western music and culture. Led Zeppelin IV, one of only three studio albums to sell more than . So, with a hip-swivel and a lip-curl, heres our ranking of every LP containing new or previously unreleased tracks put out by RCA during Elviss lifetime. (Okay, Night Rider and Fountain of Love are an awkwardly hilarious back-to-back pair, too.) How many records did Elvis put out? 30. Cmon Everybody (1971) Even though hes wearing a 70s-era jumpsuit on the cover, this is another easy way to hear selections from the slew of 60s soundtrack recordings that never made their way to an LP, taken from Viva Las Vegas, Follow That Dream, Kid Galahad, and Easy Come, Easy Go. + Plus Bonus DVD Audio. Hes an impatient lover for the umpteenth time on Do Not Disturb, and chastises The Meanest Girl in Town on the closest this album gets to rock and roll. That is a complicated question that changes as albums are released and chart. For example little Denmark purchased an incredible 150,000 copies of a 1968 release entitled 'A Portrait in Music'; whilst in 1974 the double album '40 Greatest Hits' shattered every known speed sales record previously set in the UK. 39. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. 500,000,000. The closing track, Thats Someone You Never Forget, credited to Elvis and his high-school buddy Red West and which may or may not be about the passing of Elviss beloved mother, Gladys, is haunting, though tonally far out of step with the rest of the record. The title track tries to explain how to get your best girl excited on the drag strip and, despite the occasional genuine revving sound, never fully turns over. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are as essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Elvis wasn't just the King of Rock 'n' Roll. Copyright 2022 by www.elvis.com.au & www.elvispresley.com.au, https://www.elvis.com.au/presley/one-billion-record-sales.shtml. & George Michael Popularity Analysis. Promised Land (1975) A 40th-birthday gift from E: the release of a second batch of songs from the same Stax sessions that wrought the middling Good Times, though Chuck Berrys title track opens this album with more energy than its predecessor (even if there are too many words for the singer to enunciate). Somebody else in the old RCA backroom may have initially dreamt up the figures, but it was Don Wardell who publicised them and thus must bear the responsibility. Offscreen, he was one himself. G.I. "Wonderful World of Christmas" reached number 13 on the Billboard Country Albums chart in 1978. living fire begets cold, impotent ash luka doncic euroleague accolades how many records did elvis sell worldwide 07 jun 2022. how many records did elvis sell worldwiderelationship between tiger shark and green sea turtle Its fun to hear the swaggering ebb and flow of the full Elvis package of this era captured on tape, unlike the smaller samples offered by previous live albums, though its never as raw and nervously idiosyncratic as his vaunted NBC-aired comeback special of 1968. Over the last decade the media have put pressure on the record companies to provide more details of their various claims, with the result that some of them have been revised, only to be replaced by statistics that do not differentiate as between actual physical sales and downloads. "If I Can Dream" reached number 1 on the Billboard Classical Albums and the Billboard Classical Crossover Albums charts. Based on the figures in front of him Ernst Jorgensen was able, with the help of Sony, to determine what this meant in sales terms and few have disputed the rationale behind the maths. 11. Each record had about 12 songs on it, so that's roughly 550 songs just off of his full-length studio . Elvis has been on the charts more times than . + $25.35 shipping. He overreaches on Peggy Lees Fever, but the album often achieves a mid-tempo grace, perfectly sprinkled with Elviss signature corn, and Reconsider Baby has a convincingly bitter blues vocal. ** It is true that sales returns for many individual titles particularly between March 1973 and January 1976 and August 1977 and August 1978 are incomplete because of computer problems and changes - but RCA still have an audited record of the overall annual, albeit unallocated figures for that period. The ballads also fail to ignite, making the record a bit of a slog. That will never change.Right from the start of my original research, it became evident that RCA's assertion that Elvis' US sales accounted for about 60% of the total, were simply not borne out by the market evidence past or present. In the UK, for example, the now long moribund 'Disc and Music Echo' pop magazine had, by the time it folded, awarded Elvis around two dozen silver discs-currently assumed to be lurking in the vaults - each for AUDITED sales of over 250,000 copies. 3. Then, of course, there is Music Clubs, which used to be a significant actor of the music industry during the 90s and that is out of Soundscans panel. In the tracking week ending Aug. 4, the Elvis soundtrack sold 8,000 copies (up 1,466%), with 7,500 of that sum on CD. # In several key overseas markets some sales were documented and certified - even as far back as the 1950s. You\'ll receive the next newsletter in your inbox. Elvis does his best Sinatra imitation on the crooning title track, U.S. [3] Music historian Joel Whitburn ranked Presley as the number 1 charting album artist of all time in the US. . The received wisdom regarding his albums which prizes theSun Sessions(which, had this ranking included compilation albums featuring no new or previously unreleased material, wouldve been a strong contender for the top-spot), Elviss first records for RCA, and his 68 comeback recordings overlooks some worthy stuff within the often indistinguishable heap making up the rest of his corpus. We could stick around for the rest of this pleasantly pat stuff like the fuzz-funk moralizing of Change of Habit if we accept the platitudinal invitation extended by Have a Happy to let your address be sunshine place.. "Good Times" reached number 1 on the Cash Box Country Albums chart. The obvious killer is Elviss beautiful cover of Bob Dylans despondent Tomorrow Is a Long Time, left over from an unrelated gospel session. Of note are the reissue series, Costello's back catalogue having undergone reissue three times by three different companies. Bing Crosby's disc sales, were once upon a time, estimated by his record company on the basis of a somewhat quirky analysis of his sheet music sales and those of the Beatles were, for years, inflated on the rather quixotic grounds that the sale of each one of their albums should be considered as equivalent to six singles. Breaking down the contenders in the seasons most unpredictable Oscar race. Elvis Golden Records, Volume 2: 50,000,000 Elvis Fans Cant Be Wrong (1959) Colonel Parker got fans stoked for Elviss imminent release from German deployment with this collection of singles he released in 58 and 59 (thankfully, minus a pair of ho-hum tunes from King Creole), and this both rocks and allures, from the quick-change rhythms and doo-wop groans of come-hither I Need Your Love Tonight to pleading ballads like Dont and the verging-on-desperate drama of One Night and I Beg of You.. Elvis Country (Im 10,000 Years Old) (1971), 15. 8. The titles included a HOST of mid-sixties soundtrack albums and mid-seventies singles, which even today, have failed to achieve domestic ie US certification. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google The statistics show that in the UK market, for example, overall sales of records had climbed from 66 million units in 1959 to over 100 million by 1964. Minimum. He knew it was a stinker from the get-go. But theres also I Need Someone to Lean On, a beautiful ballad from Viva Las Vegas in the vein of Chet Baker. Once we will be up there, having a clear view of the full list of albums that were scanned, we will dispatch appropriately the career total of Presley into every release with the help of various known data. From Memphis to Vegas/From Vegas to Memphis (1969) This could have been more understandably named From Nothing to Something, considering the full renovation of Elvis in the period following his 1968 comeback. From Memphis to Vegas / From Vegas to Memphis, Elvis sings The Wonderful World of Christmas, From Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee, Im Gonna Sit Right Down and Cry (Over You), (Therell Be) Peace in the Valley (For Me), Ill Hold You in My Heart (Till I Can Hold You in My Arms), 11. Of course, we already saw that assuming 250,000 sales on average for each mid-way to Gold is not an accurate method. Why this led to some confusion over what was and what was not recorded on the old RCA computer may be a bit of a red herring. To add some complexity, releases arent automatic on them, some albums were issued at BMG Music Club, others at Columbia House, some at both and some at none. A few days ago we went through the 101 albums by Elvis Presley that have been certified by the RIAA in the US. Each song nonsensically ends with a tiny snippet of the title theme song, sung from the perspective of an all-knowing, ever-present Neolithic being who hung out with Moses, giving the record a vaguely conceptual feeling, but sounding like an error every time. Love Letters From Elvis (1971) Why not get three albums for the price of two? An LP had to sell $2,000,000 at the wholesale price (1975 LPs increased to $5.98 and $6.98) AND a minimumRead more .

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