Im a pretty good fundraiser, and the Waystation was at the cross hairs, he explained. pages left for free Learn More About Us. Sera was one of LARC's first rescues back in 2010 and has lived for the past 11 years with Cloud as his constant companion. 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Notice of Ruling filed by Simmons, Matthew Hoobler on 10/21/2021. Signup to link your The second rescue LARC ever did, Huey was found by a fellow rescuer wondering around the neighborhoods of Houston, Texas. Star Student Always Looking Into New Fields Of Knowledge. She is inseparable from her packmate and loves to run around which keeps elderly Blade young at heart. Cincy has also bonded with a few lucky veterans and caregivers who get to call her friend.. Research cases in aggregate with PTAB Vigil was another owner relinquishment when the human companions realized this animal was not meant to live in a home environment. Declaration - Other (of Lorin Lindner , Phd Mph in support of Exparte Application for Temporary Restraining Order and Setting of an OSC re Preliminary Injunction) filed by Lockwood Animal Rescue Center on 02/22/2021. Public Records Policy. Simmons was arrested on suspicion of multiple firearm violations, including being a felon in possession of a firearm and ammunition, carrying a loaded and concealed firearm in a vehicle and unlawful transfer of a firearm. pages left for free Upon threat of euthanasia for having bit a child, one of LARCs dear supporters alerted us to Leeloos dire straits. Without a second thought LARC went to get him and he has lived here since July 2009. The Waystation frequently took in animals suffering from abuse or disease. filing has been downloaded. DocketNotice - Other (of Case Assignment - Los Angeles #20SMCV1748) filed by Lockwood Animal Rescue Center on 02/22/2021. Everything we do takes into consideration the comfort and safety of our sanctuary residents. When she first came to LARC, she instantly bonded with Apache, who was rescued around the same time. 2021-04-23, Los Angeles County Superior Courts | Contract | View Matthew Simmons' profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. He spent many years at our sanctuary and his passing was very difficult for us all. Federal Courts and Bankruptcies. She loves to roll over for her belly rubs for the veterans she knows well. Emerald was one of the New Hampshire rescues who came to LARC. In our Wolves and Warriors program, veterans care for the wolves and wolfdogs in our sanctuary and the relationships that develop often lead to healing from any respective traumas. According to the state Department of Fish and Wildlife, the sanctuary's board voted earlier this month to surrender its operating permit. Located on a 20-acre facility with a 3,000-acre buffer, we offer both the veterans and our rescued animals an opportunity to heal and thrive in a back-to-nature setting. Jun 2013 - Dec 20141 year 7 months. Docket Alarm has relationships with many large firms such as He is a low to mid content Wolfdog, probably mixed with German Shepherd. Shy with humans, Montauk was very protective over his packmate, Shawnee, whom he adored. Federal Courts and Bankruptcies. Notice - Other (of Case Assignment - Los Angeles #20SMCV1748) filed by Lockwood Animal Rescue Center on 02/22/2021. (Wolves and Warriors is a Registered Trademark.) Get email alerts whenever a new case matches your search. Public Records Policy. Complaint (Los Angeles #20SMCV01748) filed by Lockwood Animal Rescue Center on 02/22/2021. Add-ons include Federal Analytics, Easy Analytics, and the Analytics Workbench. Wolves are very wary creatures by nature and they don't care at all about your property; they will run for the hills if an intruder comes along. To see full stories with photos, please purchase a copy of the newspaper at many locations (click this link for a list) throughout the Mountain Communities. Note: free views don't apply to documents purchased from government VS JACOB SVERDLOV. status to view this document. However, if we do not, then we must retrieve it from the court Sadly, Cloud left us in 2021 and we miss her very much. : 56-2021-00551025-CU-CO-VTA Maggabee was rescued in 2010 from the Wild Animal Orphanage in Texas when it was closing. yours. Cincy is mostly a long haired Malamute, but there is enough wolf in her that makes her quite wary of people. Freed has made an unbelievable recovery since coming to LARC in March of 2020. Our Wolves and Warriors veteran team rescues wolves, wolfdogs and other animals from illegal breeding operations, roadside zoos, and animal shelters (that would otherwise euthanize them), then provide them with a forever home in our sanctuary. Freed's fur started growing back and he became more comfortable in his own skin. Copyright 2018-2021 Lockwood Animal Rescue Center. Why is this public record being published online? This potbellied pig was surrendered to LARC by a human companion who did not realize how big she would become! Upon the advice of our veterinarian, we decided to close the NEWARC sanctuary in 2016 and transfer the animals to LARC in California because the ice storms in New Hampshire were too slippery and dangerous for the older arthritic animals. We will always remember this very special animals. See our pricing for more details. Were going to get all these permits squared away, he said. Mia is very shy around people but has warmed up to some of the female caregivers. Thanks to our amazing rescue partners, Tie Dye will never have to suffer like Tara did at a Premarin facility where mares are forced into perpetual pregnancy and have their urine collected to be used in pharmaceuticals. Substitution of Attorney (OLD Gregory J Ramirez NEW Shawn M Ogle) filed by Simmons, Matthew Hoobler on 11/12/2021. For-pay state Lakomi is living with Midnight as they are both from New Hampshire and knew each other from there. Big Boy was severely underweight and was suffering with an untreated ear infection when we took him into our care. DocketAmendment to Complaint (Doe 1 - Rebecca Richards DVM) filed by Lockwood Animal Rescue Center on 02/22/2021. George was a sweet boy, who sadly succumbed to cancer at the end of 2018. The e-Edition is available now with full photos and stories at The Mountain Enterprise e-Edition. He was booked into jail and released on Tuesday after posting bail. Martine stepped aside to help the animals, so that I could come in unimpeded to take the reins and really do something for the animals, he said. example, a five page document is $0.50 and a 50 page document is $3.00. Because tours, petting, photo ops, and walk a wolf programs can add undue stress to the animals we protect, LARC is closed to the public. Due to this previous neglect, unfortunately, he now suffers from chronic ear infections. LARC Staff drove right up to Oakland and brought him to his forever home here at LARC. She loves visits from the veterans, but wants to make sure that she gets all the petting - she can be known to be jealous if you pay attention to Vigil over her! This beautiful boy was literally rescued from a dumpster from a Premarin facility when he was deemed no longer useful. He was absolutely adored by founder and frequent bird cuddle-er, Lorin Lindner. Flat-rate users incur a $0.10 PACER fee per search and Access TTAB analytics to analyze cases in aggregate. An email will be sent to you with a new password. 2021-02-22, Ventura County Superior Courts | Personal Injury | Billy has eyes that are like the mythical wolf that might have scared people in fairy tales. a week for documents already in our system. What an amazing transformation to watch. Or speak with a live agent: View Matthew Simmons' profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Matthew Simmons is the former chief operating officer of Lockwood Animal Rescue Center (LARC), which he founded to rescue non-domestic canines and engage in animal advocacy efforts.. `The Court finds the defendant, Matthew Simmons, guilty of two violations of a court order prohibiting use `of the Lockwood Animal Rescue Center (LARC) trademark on Facebook page Warriors of Wolves and `the website Predatory Healing Project. This is part of the April 17, 2020 online edition of The Mountain Enterprise. Lockwood Animal Rescue Center Protecting Animals is Our Priority The Lockwood Animal Rescue Center (LARC) offers a therapeutic work environment for our returning combat veterans and a forever home to wolves, wolfdogs, coyotes, horses, parrots and other animals. viewing. They are like long lost friends. The Waystation was incorporated in 1976 and served as a sanctuary for animals including tigers, lions and chimpanzees. Email alerts whenever there is an update. It can take up to 5 minutes for us to download a document if the court servers are running slowly. Learn more about the ASPCA's work to rescue animals from abuse, pass humane laws and share resources with shelters nationwide. developments on your cases, and gather intelligence on Breezy loves the company of her sister, Shawnee, and their pack mate, Mowgli, who is very protective over them. account without markup. MARIA CARMEN SEGOVIA, ET AL. and Exhibits 1 to 4 Hereto: Name Extension changed from ISO Ex Parte re: TRO/OSC re: PI to in Support of Ex Parte Application for TRO and OSC Re: PI; Declaration of Joseph M. Kar, Esq. systems, e.g., PACER. These dogs tend to have big brown polka dots on the sides of their luxurious white coats. Signup to link your Kona is a furry, fluffy, low-content wolfdog. Archie is a 75-year-old Moluccan cockatoo. However, he proved to be too much for the family and was brought to LARC to live out his life as a wolf should. happen if we need to contact the court directly to obtain the The most immediate projects include digging a well to improve access to water at the sanctuary, and repair two main roads that were affected by the recent rains. Due to this previous neglect, unfortunately, he now suffers from chronic ear infections. Big Boy was severely underweight and was suffering with an untreated ear infection when we took him into our care. She previously worked at Eastern Group Publications, covering the cities of Montebello, Monterey Park, City of Commerce, and Vernon. document again without charge. It was a good story. given an option to accept or decline the payment. Please refresh this page in a few minutes to see if the 1D4DACC5-5141-49B1-A6EE-75083AE7C48F (California State, Ventura County, Superior Court Oct. 21, 2021). These baby wild animals are used for a fee to then offer a one on one playtime with wolf puppies for tourists until they are about 10 weeks of age and then they are tragically warehoused where they are either bred for the next generation of "Pet and Plays" to have the same fate, or they are killed and pelted for their fur. In addition, our WolfGuard program is dedicated to the prevention of illegal slaughter of wolves in the wild. But as she got older, she was happy to lounge around with her pack mate, SeraSera. If that does not work, She grew up in the Los Angeles area, and is formerly a San Gabriel Valley girl. If you do not agree with these terms, then do not use our website and/or services.

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